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Homemaker is an aspirational craft title with a unique, untapped, make-it-yourself home focus. Featuring a variety of techniques, trends, creative ideas and interior inspiration, it's a lifestyle title that ticks many boxes.

There is strong photography throughout the title, giveaways every month, expert comment, and an abundance of tips and tricks. The roster of columnists is ever-expanding, with names such as Wayne Hemingway, Annie Sloan, Linda Barker, Carol Smillie and Erika Knight involved.

It's published 13 times a year and every issue includes a free high-quality cover-mounted gift. At only £4.99, Homemaker is great value for money.
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  • Homemaker features a variety of craft techniques, and general craft is the highest performing sub sector in the crafts magazine market, up 67% year-on-year.

  • The projects are coveted and trend-led, reflecting styles being adored worldwide, whilst also serving a purpose for the reader's own home.

  • It's the perfect mix of projects and inspiration, with a number of top interior columnists and interviews to encourage creativity.

  • The visuals in Homemaker are out-of-this-world, adding something extra to the glossy lifestyle title.

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We offer a 'total reach' package to suit all budgets, including print advertising, advertorials, video, email marketing and
editorial all supported via our social media contacts.

  • 50% of our readers buy every issue
  • 85% of our readers are aged 25 – 65
  • 70% of readers archive the magazines
  • Over 50% of readers buy a product because they have seen it in an issue
  • 90% of our readers rate Homemaker 'Very good - Excellent'

Working with the Account Manager and the team at Homemaker is a joy! Mindful of our budget, they come to us with creative ideas for promoting spray paint to inspire our target audience and theirs. Friendly, helpful and never pushy, it is always a pleasure to work with them.

Karina Wallace PlastiKote and Valspar spray paints
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Fantastic inspirational ideas for the home

Aceville's Special Projects department produces a range of annual bookazines – glossy publications that have a longer than-average shelf life. Distributed throughout popular retailers such as WH Smith, Tesco and Sainsbury's, the bookazines offer advertisers fantastic opportunities to extend their reach to crafters who desire collections of beautiful projects in one handy title.

The magbooks are also promoted with strong in-store advertising and investment in point of sales, ensuring a strong presence on newsstands. Aceville's magbooks appeal to a ready-made audience, thanks to its catalogue of craft titles, as well as attracting and obtaining new readers. Hot on the heels on the success of 2015's releases, Aceville is developing a fresh selection of magbooks, each one tailor-made to a specific audience. Accessible to new crafters, as well as those who are more confident with being creative, the publications not only look great on coffee tables, but are practical too.

The publications will appeal to all crafters, regardless of their niche, thanks to the high standard of the photography, projects and helpful hints included throughout the titles. Aceville has also developed an innovation within craft publishing – kitazines. These specially commissioned and designed glossy productions contain everything the reader needs to get crafting straightaway. The kitazines build on the increasing popularity of crafting, providing a one-stop-shop that can be enjoyed by all, no matter their skill level.

All bookazines and kitazines include in-depth technique pages and clear and concise step-by-steps, as well as advice from respected crafters and designers, elements that have become synonymous with Aceville.
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bespoke solutions
Aceville's Special Projects department has experience in a variety of consumer areas, ranging from crafts all the way through to health and lifestyle.

The members of the team are well placed to advise on everything from one-off publications to producing regular magazines for contract clients. The department currently produces a range of consumer publications, and thanks to Aceville's wide portfolio of business-to-business magazines and prominent online presence, is in a strong position to produce publications and digital editions that can build profitable relationships between businesses and their customers. The editorial team is supported by a strong and professional sales department, and the two work together to produce tailored content, resulting in effective publications for all clients. Forward-thinking and striving to be ahead of the curve, the team is adaptable and versatile in skills, and can cater to any bespoke audience and niche market. Our services Aceville also offers extensive in-house facilities, such as a top-spec photography studio and professional design department, as well as video production, editing suites and a web development department.

photography & video
Over the past seven years we have published in excess 200 crafting videos on our YouTube channel and they have received more than
17.85 million views!

Video offers a wealth of opportunities ranging from product placement and / or sponsorship through to complete bespoke production. Our skills and expertise in this area have been utilised by a wealth of companies including leading brands such as Canon, Serif Software, Ducktape, Mitsubishi and Staedtler.

Our video production includes storyboarding, presenters, production, editing and publishing, we specialise in three different styles: vlog, speed through and inspirational/educational, for full details and examples contact us

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